Sunday, October 16, 2016

asking to see an owl, but seeing a UFO instead

"Like a tear in the sky..."
My friend Jack had a remarkable experience just as he was on the last few pages of my book The Messengers

He sent me this message on the evening of Sept 14:
Earlier tonight I asked and wished I would see an owl while at work. Within minutes of doing so I saw a strange looking light in the sky, I looked away for less than a second and it was gone!
We spoke shortly after the experience and he described seeing a stationary lighted “dash” just sitting in the sky. This was near an airport, and his first thought was it might be a plane, but right in that moment he realized it wasn’t like any aircraft he had ever seen. He watched this glowing object for about 10 seconds before it vanished.

Jack messaged his partner Suzanne moments after the sighting, and that text is time stamped 6:49 p.m. And he messaged me at 10:48 p.m., right when he finished the book.

During our conversations and messaging, Jack used the words wishing, asking, hoping, and expecting when describing his desire to see an owl.

Jack wrote: “I was scanning light posts and building roof tops half expecting to eye one. The sky was a very dark blue, not yet black. As I turned the corner I gave up on the notion [of seeing an owl] and suddenly saw the light.”

He described it as a "dash" but felt it was more, "like a tear in the sky... like if you had a dark piece of fabric with a tear in it with a bright flash light behind it."

Jack said, “I was on the last few pages [of your book] when I saw it. This sighting happened just moments after asking to see an owl.”

This is remarkable to me. Jack was wishing he would see an owl, and seconds later he saw a UFO instead, and just as he was finishing my book.

Jack is even in the book a few times! One amazing event was that we both had a very similar grizzly bear dream on the same night (linked HERE).

I have a handful of accounts from people who had the reverse experience, having wished to see a UFO and then seeing an owl instead. I even have a few where people heard an owl hooting, and they saw a UFO when they looked in the direction of the sound. I've also had a lot of accounts of people seeing an owl while reading the book or listening to my recorded voice talking about owls. I even have one account of a guy seeing an owl fly by his windshield while driving, then moments later seeing a saucer shaped craft, all while listening to my voice talking about owls and UFOs.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Stigmata of St Francis

St Francis at the moment of receiving stigmata
The Stigmata of St Francis – Bartolomeo Della Gatta, c. 1487

Cool owl imagery in this 186 cm x 162 cm tempera on wood painting. The owl is looking away from the transcendent moment as St Francis gets zapped by the floating apparition of Christ on the cross. There is something so trippy about this painting. I mean, there are thin little laser beams shooting off a glowing crucified Jesus. And what is that red blob at the base of the floating cross? It looks like the Talaria, the winged sandals of the Greek messenger god Hermes (just a guess).

St Francis was the patron saint of animals, and depictions of him are often full of animals, yet this owl seems to be the only animal featured prominently. There are two horses in the background.

Click on either images for a HI-Rez view.
More info HERE.
A barn owl averts its gaze form the sacred moment

Friday, September 23, 2016

audio interview on Euphomet

Audio player
I have done nearly 30 audio interviews since The Messengers was published last winter. It's hard not to simply go on auto-pilot and just tell the same stories over and over. Most of these have gone very well, and a few seemed to rise above the others. Jim Perry's Euphomet is one of those that dug a little deeper than most. The interview begins at the 10 minute mark. This interview is recommended.

  audio interview linked HERE  

Sunday, September 18, 2016

hooting owl heard in UFO video

Hooting owl heard at the 00:53 and 00:58 time count

This video shows an unusual glowing dot in the sky, while the audio catches a hooting owl. Listen carefully at the 00.53 and 00.58 mark. You can clearly hear the high pitched call of a tawney owl. Yes, I realize that this is a very common bird in the British Isles, but gee-whiz...
Let me say this very clearly—This is an owl and UFO seen and heard at the same moment!
The UK tabloid, The Mirror, has a short article on a man who captured unusual video footage near his home on Monday September 12. No mention of the owl.
The 32-year-old man, who wished to remain anonymous, said he kept noticing the UFOs as he walked his dog through the hills near Great Shefford in Berkshire.
On Monday he decided to take a camera with him to capture the mysterious objects in a bid to discover what they were. 
But after less than two minutes of filming the UFOs his camera suddenly died - despite being fully charged.
The video below features the call of a tawny owl for comparison, alas, without any UFOs.

You can hear this owl, and another in the distance, exchanging calls

If you ask a child in America to make the sound of an owl, they’ll say, “Hooo-Hooo!” Ask a child in England the same question and they’ll say, “Twit-Twooo!” This discrepancy is because the both the great gray and great horned owls make a low haunting hooting call, but neither are in Europe. The most iconic owl in the British Isles is the tawny owl, and it makes a staggered high pitched flute like call that sounds a bit like twit-twoo. Only a few of the largest owls actually hoot, all the rest make different sounds, often quite screechy. This is the kind of stuff you learn when immersed in owl research.
Big thanks to Suzanne Chancellor for pointing me to this video, 
and to the discrepancies between the UK and US when mimicking owls!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Interview with Whitley Strieber on Dreamland - A message from deep hypnosis

author and interview host
Whitely Strieber and I spoke in a recorded interview recently, and it has just been posted on his site. This is a very powerful and emotional discussion where both of us really lay ourselves bare. The interview is focused on my hypnosis session from back in 2014 with therapist Lorraine Flaherty, which was a past life regression with the goal of addressing my history of clinical depression. Only at the end did we touch on the UFO issues.

This was an extremely important set of events for me, starting with Lorraine's session and then discussing it with Whitley two years later. It was deeply moving and inspiring, and it gives me the faith to keep pressing onward along this path.

In part TWO Whitley interviews Lorraine Flaherty to discuss her research and past life work. Linked HERE.
a powerful conversation
     The Dreamland interview is linked HERE.

     This session was covered in a blog post linked HERE.

     The transcript and audio is posted HERE.

     Part TWO where Whitley interviews Lorraine is linked HERE.

The audio recording of the session:

From the Dreamland site:
Friday September 16, 2016
Intense New Close Encounter Breakthrough, Part 1
Mike is among the most articulate of witnesses, and now he returns with the single most profound, powerful and incisive discussion of close encounter that we have ever produced. You will never have heard anything like this unforgettable journey into the truth about the experience, its connection to so many other occult experiences, and its immense power to change not only witnesses, but also people who explore it with an open mind.
Why do so many close encounter witnesses find themselves challenged to the core of their beings, even, as both Mike and Whitley know all too well, to the point of suicide?
This will open your heart and change your mind, leaving you empowered in a completely new way, with new understanding.
Next week, Whitley will continue the discussion by turning to the therapist who was responsible for the hypnosis session that led to this interview, Lorraine Flaherty.

Lorraine Flaherty is a past-life hypnotherapist based out of the UK. She was one of the speakers at the conference in Leeds, England. This was an event where I was also a speaker. 

Her book, Healing with Past Life Therapy, is available HERE.

Her website is linked HERE.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New Jersey conference in November

Just a heads up for anyone close to the Garden State, I'll be speaking at an upcoming conference hosted by Fringe New Jersey. Info and details below...

Saturday, November 5th, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Hilton Garden Inn, 800 Route 130,
Hamilton NJ 08690

Speakers: Mike Clelland, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Karen E. Herrick, Brian Regal, and Robert Damon Schneck

Thursday, September 8, 2016

The owl book was published on December 3rd (12/3) of last year.
That's a tidy 123!


Saturday, September 3, 2016

the landing page and personal site

screen image - MessengersBook
I just created a "landing page" specifically to promote the owl book (above), it's linked HERE.

And, I updated another site, (image below). Years ago I bought up that domain name for, and until now never did much with it. Both sites are pretty simple, 

If anyone out there has any marketing savvy and could offer any feedback, please just lemme know.

screen image -

Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Communion Letters now available on Kindle

initially published in 1997
After publishing the bestselling book Communion, Whitley Strieber received a flood of mail from people desperate to share their own contact experiences. In an era before the internet, these were hand written testimonies sent in paper envelopes. Their best estimate is that a quarter of a million arrived at their home. The post office eventually began dropped them off at their apartment in big canvas sacks.

This book, The Communion Letters, is a collection of some of this communication. It has been out of print for nearly two decades, and it available again in an inexpensive eBook format. Less than four dollars and an amazing resource.

  Kindle version available HERE 

Note to readers:
I have been posting low cost books here on this site. Some real gems have been unavailable and out of print for decades, But they are now showing up as eBooks. Many are required reading.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Beyond My Wildest Dreams now on Kindle

Cover image for an important book

Kim Carlsberg published a memoir of her experiences in 1995, the book is titled Beyond My Wildest Dreams. After being out of print for nearly two decades, it's now available again as an e-book on Kindle. The illustrations were done by Darryl Anka, the channel for Bashar.

This is one of the very first accounts where a woman speaks openly about the hybridization program within the UFO abduction phenomenon. This book is a testament to her courage, and it is just as important now as it was when it first came out, now 21 years ago. I applaud Kim's bravery and dedication!

  Kindle version available HERE  

We spoke together in a wonderful interview back in 2011. That conversation is linked below, and HERE.

And—this post was done, without knowing, on Kim's Birthday! 

Note to readers:
I have been posting low cost books here on this site. Some real gems have been unavailable and out of print for decades, But they are now showing up as eBooks. Many are required reading.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Experiencers Speak Conference in Portland Maine, Aug 26-27

the speakers
This will be the fifth year for this powerful event. The focus is on the people who have had the direct contact experience with the otherworldly beings that share our reality. If you can, please attend!

  more info linked HERE  

Saturday, August 6, 2016

I just had a revelation

my humble cell phone
I just had a revelation while driving home as I pulled up in the driveway an owl (I think) flew across my path. What does that mean?

         —08/02/16  7:50:PM
I received this as a text from my sister Jeanne, but didn’t see it until the next day.

When I finally saw the message I called her right away. She explained that she had been driving that night and her mind was in turmoil. Her kids have all moved out and she was struggling with what to do in this new chapter of her life. She was listening to an NPR story about working with the elderly as she arrived at her house. This was something she had done for a few years out of college, and she had recently volunteered at a local assisted living facility where our aging parents had been living....

The car was stopped in the driveway as she listened to the conclusion of the radio report, when she was hit with a sudden revelation. She suddenly realized she needed to be working with the elderly!

It was at that moment an owl swooped down in front of her windshield and then landed on a nearby tree. She watched it for a while before it flew off. This was the first owl she had ever seen near this house, and she's been living there for over 23 years, and

I told her she really didn’t need me to answer what it might mean, and she agreed. She had sent that email in the minutes after seeing the owl.

Also of note: 
Andrea and I were sitting together at the dining room table just about to start dinner, when I saw a big bird fly by just outside the window. It was a brownish gray and my immediate thought was that it was an owl. We ran outside and looked around the trees to see if it might have landed. We never saw anything. While we were looking our next door neighbor came out and asked if we had seen a big bird, because she heard something loud hit her picture window. She could tell by the noise it was a large.

After that we all looked around the trees, but never saw anything. This would have been about eight in the evening, closely matching the time stamp on the text from my sister.


Monday, July 18, 2016

transcript of a hypnosis session

I had a hypnosis session back in the summer of 2014. I wrote about this at the time, and that post is linked HERE. This was a past life regression conducted by London based therapist Lorraine Flaherty. I've since had a transcription made from the audio recording.

My hopes with this session were to address the source of my bouts of clinical depression, and the results were extremely therapeutic. I experienced key moments in what seemed to have been a past life, and a very sad death. There was a distinct change in the quality of my life that began right when I opened my eyes after the session. 

This was not a hypnosis session where we tried to retrieve UFO memories. The intent was to explore past lives to help relieve current issues. It was only at the end of the session that Loraine brought up the UFO subject. I have included the transcript of that portion below.

Within the first few minutes of the hypnotic induction, Lorraine asked me if there was anyone else (or any other energy) in the room, I said yes. She brought this up again later in the session, and for the next 25 minutes she asked me questions and I gave my answers. This time was focused on my UFO experiences. Reading this and hearing the audio has been fascinating. I cannot in anyway vouch that what I said is true, but it feels truthful. It may not be a literal truth, but more a metaphoric kind of honesty. 

Here is a 35 minute long audio excerpt of the session

the UFO dialog

Lorraine:    While we're here in this space, as you mentioned earlier, there may have been an energy that was currently in your energy field that didn't belong to you. I'm just going to ask for that energy to make themselves known to you now. And as you do that, what are you aware of?

Mike:   I don’t know. Alien?

L:    Does alien have a name?

M:   Quentar.
(Right in the moment I realized how cheezy that sounded)
L:    I want you ask Quentar what is it that he's doing in your energy field?

M:   Guiding.

L:    Where is he from?

M:   From like, somewhere else. Like, not here

L:    And why is it that Quentar is in your energy field guiding you? Why specifically?

M:   It’s something important.

  This is a long essay,  
  click the "Read more >>" link below to see the rest of it.  

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Jeffery Kripal on the mystical human experience

Author Jeffery Kripal just published a book co-written by Whitley Strieber, it's titled The Super Natural. In the quote below Jeff talking about his work with people who tell of anomalous experiences. He is describing what I've encountered many times. He clearly articulates the challenges of trying to make sense of these mysteries while listening to people as they share what has happened to them.

This is the thing about this material, you think you’ve heard the last strange thing, and then it gets stranger. What the debunker thinks is that, no—if we just had enough information it would all make sense and all the strangeness would go away.
But my experience with these folks is exactly the opposite. The more they tell you the weirder it gets. Part of the reason is that they don’t quite trust you in the beginning and so they tell you just sort of the surface of the story. And then they tell you a little more, and a little more. And the more they tell you the stranger it gets. It does not make more sense, it makes less sense. And I think that this is important, I think that is part of the phenomena, that it’s absurd, and that it’s meant to confuse us. And I think that when we look for it to make sense I think we are going down the wrong path. Because it doesn’t. 
        —Jeffery Kripal, 2016  

This quote from and audio interview from May of 2016. Link to this interview on Where Did The Road Go, Part ONE and Part TWO

Here is my interview with Jeff on Mutants and Mystics, perhaps my favorite book ever.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

an owl dream with Robert Moss

author and dream teacher Robert Moss

I get a lot of emails about owl experiences. A woman recently sent me her dream where an owl shows up. A big owl flies towards her and plops face first into the snow, and the next thing that happens is Robert Moss runs into the scene. He points to the owl ands houts, "It's an owl! It's an owl! It's an owl!"

The email then explained that Robert Moss is an author who writes about dreams and they role in living a deeper life. So a guy who analyzes dream imagery shows up in a dream; he's shouting and pointing to a symbolic owl! (I love this stuff!)

I had never heard of him so I did some quick on-line searching. I found this tidy video (above) that seems to give a good overview of his ideas on dreaming.

I also googled Robert Moss and UFOs, and my own site came up! It was a post from 2014 where a real owl wakes me from a nightmare. More than one of the comments on that post offer up info on Robert Moss. I must have read these at the time, but I didn't remember them. I have amazing readers and their insights were wonderful.
When strangers ask me what I do, I often respond, "I am a storyteller and I help people to find and live their bigger and braver stories, and tell them really well." 
—Robert Moss 
I've watched a few videos, and read some things from his website, and I sure like the guy and his message. Here's a good podcast where Whitley Strieber talks dreams with Robert.